Risk disclaimer

The Risk Disclaimer forms an integral part of the Terms and Conditions, and also uses the same definitions as used in the Terms and Conditions. This Risk Disclaimer may be viewed as a supplement or further detail to the Terms and Conditions to which the User agrees when accepting them.

Using the Services that Coinmerce B.V. offers on its platform, whether or not through (a) third party(ies), involves risks. A User should not use the Services as described in the Terms and Conditions unless the User understands the risks involved. User confirms that sufficient time and opportunity has been taken to understand the inherent risks and obtain information thereon by contacting Coinmerce before using the Services offered.

This Risk Disclaimer states the main risks associated with trading Cryptocurrencies and related Services, but this is not an exhaustive list.

  • The definition of what is covered by the term Cryptocurrencies may vary depending on the jurisdiction or country. This means that the legal status can vary from country to country. This can create legal uncertainty. Users are aware of this. It is the User's responsibility to know how Cryptocurrencies are handled under the laws and regulations applicable to the User.

  • Cryptocurrencies differentiate themselves from more traditional instruments as they are not backed or supported by governments and/or central banks. In contrast, Cryptocurrencies are supported by technology and trust, decentralized and pseudo-anonymous. Currently, it is still largely unregulated, unlike financial instruments. As a result, the values of Cryptocurrencies can be very volatile and unpredictable and even become worthless. There is no party that can take measures to protect the values of Cryptocurrencies. It is not always possible to process transactions at prices favorable to the User.

  • Coinmerce does not offer securities or financial instruments and is not regulated as such. Coinmerce is therefore not subject to prudential or conduct supervision by DNB respectively AFM. This therefore also applies to the Services offered by Coinmerce. Current laws and regulations do not currently provide for the regulation of Cryptocurrencies. Coinmerce is registered with DNB under the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act (Wwft).

  • The provision of investment strategies through trading bots and the information thereon do not constitute investment advice or recommendation for any particular Cryptocurrency or multiple Cryptocurrencies. No representations are made that particular strategies will result in a profit or loss. It should not be assumed that the future performance of any investment strategy will be profitable or equal to the corresponding past performance. All risks associated with the use of the investment strategies offered by Coinmerce or through third party(ies) remain the responsibility of the User. Coinmerce shall not be liable for any loss of funds due to User's use of the Services offered.

  • While it is possible to earn a return through staking of Cryptocurrencies, there is also a risk of a possible loss of value. For example, the value of Cryptocurrencies may have decreased in value during staking. After all, Cryptocurrencies are volatile in nature, and the User cannot therefore anticipate changes in value during the period that the Cryptocurrencies are locked for staking purposes. In addition, so-called slashing events may occur if a new block is declared invalid based on the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism. This could cause a User to lose a portion of their Cryptocurrencies for staking purposes. Coinmerce does not offer any guarantee with regard to the value or the possible rewards that a User can obtain via staking. The User should be aware of the risks in case of staking of Cryptocurrencies.

  • Participating in 'earn' involves risks. The Cryptocurrencies made available by User for 'earn' are delegated by Coinmerce to selected third parties for lending in order to generate returns. These third parties have been checked by Coinmerce beforehand. The Cryptocurrencies are thus no longer under Coinmerce, but with a third party, although User retains control over his Cryptocurrencies. When participating in 'earn', it may be possible that the third party becomes insolvent, has not achieved the intended return or a loss is incurred. This may result in User losing (part of) his Cryptocurrencies made available for 'earn'. Coinmerce offers no guarantees regarding the value and returns that may be achieved through 'earn'. The User should be aware of these (third party) risks before participating in 'earn'.

  • Coinmerce is not a bank, nor is it regulated as such. The User's account is not a bank account or deposit and is therefore outside the scope of deposit guarantee schemes or similar value protection schemes. The User therefore runs the risk of losing funds and values. In addition, Cryptocurrencies markets and exchanges are not regulated with the same controls or customer protection available when investing in stocks, options, futures, or foreign currencies.

User should carefully check for himself whether his (financial) situation and his risk tolerance would fit with the Services offered by Coinmerce. No rights can be derived from the information provided by Coinmerce. The use of the Services offered is and remains at the risk and expense of the User.

For more information, please refer to the Terms and Conditions and the FAQ page.

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