Levels & Limits

The European Anti-Money Laundering directive requires us to categorize risk into different levels. With the account level system and underlying transaction limits Coinmerce is more effective at estimating and controlling the risk of money laundering. Trading within the Coinmerce platform is unlimited, but there is a maximum transaction size per trade.

What is a Verified account?

With a Verified account you have a daily deposit and withdrawal limit of €20.000 and €60.000 per week. Verification is performed by providing a valid government issued identification document.

What is a Pro account?

With a Pro account you have tailored made limits. Verification is performed by providing proof of address and source of funds. Finally a video call will be planned to determine the limits.


Deposit & Withdraw (1D)N/A€20.000custom
Deposit & Withdraw (7D)N/A€60.000custom
Single TradeN/A€10.000
Source of FundsNoNoYes
Proof of ResidenceNoNoYes